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Kiln Firing Service

Both our kilns are HARCO computer controlled.
They can both fire up 1100 ºC.

Outside firing will be accepted within the capabilities of my kilns.

Hand hand built pottery WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED when I'm confident it has been properly made and built (no trapped air pockets etc), and that it is dry enough to fire!
These pieces may EXPLODE in the kiln!

To protect my kilns and to be sure of a piece’s suitability, I may do a ‘test fire’ in Little Bertha before accepting more pieces.
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Meet “Big Bertha”, our large 3 phase ceramic fibre kiln.
She is computer controlled.
Internal dimensions:
73cm high x 62cm wide x 67cm deep.

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… and introducing “Little Bertha”, our small WARD
single phase refractory brick kiln.
She is also computer controlled.
Internal dimensions:
33cm high x 33cm wide x 34cm deep.


Gallery Location
16 Monarch Drive
Kingscliff NSW 2487
By pre-arranged time only.
Email or phone.

Phone Contact
02 6608 5772 (Answer machine monitored)
Email (best contact)

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