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Gail is a ceramic artist from Kingscliff (Northern NSW, Australia). Originally trained as a High School Science Teacher, she had to rethink her life after a serious brain haemorrhage in 1992 forced her to leave the job she loved. She has been creating her ceramics works since the 1980s and been working as a full time ceramist since 1999.
Gail draws her inspiration from a strong connection to the earth, its natural elements and man’s interaction and effects on our precious Earth, as well as her belief in the strength of the ‘Human Spirit’.
Her colourful, intricate ceramic art pieces can be found in many homes throughout Australian, the UK and the USA!

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This quote about me from an article in Australian Ceramics and Pottery Magazine, best describes how I approach to my ceramics...

“… It is no wonder that speaking in terms of art theory, Gail finds it difficult to nominate any particular style which typifies her overall work. It transcends genres and operates purposefully at a psychological level.
As Gail says, her approach is to surround herself and her customers with artwork which makes them smile... something which brings fun, colour and beauty into a sometimes harsh and negative world.



I started painting Earthenware clay pieces back in the 1980s. Since then I’ve been trying to produce bright colourful ceramics with the hope of bringing fun into a sometimes harsh and dreary world!
Being a physically disabled, wheelchair-bound person has given me the time to hone my skills in the hope of attaining my artistic goals - I sure hope you agree!



Gail’s work is intricate, colourful and unforgivingly captivating. Combining the practicality of a useable object with the beauty of her painterly prowess with ease.

Patricia - Art Fair @ Stokers Siding - 2022

Gail’s overall work transcends genres and operates purposefully at a psychological level… artwork which makes them [customers] smile.

Rob - from an article in “Australian Ceramics and Pottery” magazine - 1999

Gail’s ceramics have had a strong impact over the years on many a tourist or local collector. Her ceramics are always in demand and I have no hesitation in recommending ‘Ab. Fab. Ceramics’ as an excellent supplier of top notch hand-painted artworks on ceramics of all shapes and sizes.

Velia - owner of “Velia Galeria’ Ettalong NSW - 2022
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