How I Work

Or our
"working together" Creative Process
I really enjoy working closely with my customers to design and make exactly the piece they’ve been wanting and looking for, and being able to answer their questions…

  • “I’ve always wanted ……, but where could I get it?”
  • “… by me saying...
  • “I should be able to do it for you!”
  • I get such a thrill hearing you say...
  • “I'm so happy - it’s exactly what I was looking for”

I would like to give you an example of my methods in creating a truly personalised piece for you…

Follow the creation below of this unique memory, the “Family Platter”, as seen in the PERSONALISED photogallery on this site…

Stacks Image 115
Firstly… I am not a portrait painter, rather I try to capture the ‘essence‘ of the person in caricature/cartoon style.

Stacks Image 45
After many emails back and forth and photos shared, we decided on the final format of this plate and the painting began.

Stacks Image 120
Then the final check…
Before final firing and glazing, a photo was sent for final approval at a point when items are able to be modified if necessary.

Stacks Image 49
On final approval of that arrangement, the plate will be finished and glazed and…
Voila - it’s done and ready
for postage in time for
Christmas 2022!
And the Client said…
“They absolutely love the plate. My daughter-in-law looked a little emotional when they opened it on Christmas Day and wanted to know where I had got it from. Many thanks for all you efforts to get this done in time.”
Then from the family once the platter was ‘home’…
“James and Emma have said (again) that they love the plate and so does everyone who visits. They have propped it up in a bookcase cube rather than hanging it up, and it looks wonderful!”

As well as the examples shown on the
PERSONALISED photogallery page, we can work together (as above) to create a truly personalised, meaningful piece.

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