We've been experimenting with many new and different techniques including:-
Carving & Sgraffitoing on Leatherhard Greenware. . .
as well as
Experimenting with different underglazes to achieve different "looks" on our ceramics

  • MARBLING - what fun we've been having experimenting with how to create a marbled effect on our ceramics. To do this we've been using "Mayco Stroke and Coat" - Mayco describe these paints as 'Wonderglaze' and in many ways they are because of their versatility and gorgeous colour range . You can see the full range of these and read more about their characteristics at their webpage:-
  • I'm not aligned with Mayco in any way. As my students know, I try to use for myself and make available for student's use the best product that I know of to do the particular task at hand- more examples of this later!