About our “Ab. Fab.” Beginner's Course. . .

…this fun, easy to complete and very thorough course will give you the basic knowledge, techniques and tools which will then enable you to tackle any ceramic piece you wish to try!

The Beginner's course includes. . .
1. Your choice of 2 ceramic pieces from our special Beginner's selection -
to allow you to experiment with a variety of different ceramic techniques.

2. Your own Brush and Tool Kit
THIS KIT CONTAINS - a basic brush collection to get you started.
There is a range of well priced, high quality, specialised brushes available for purchase from the studio as you need them as your ceramic skills improve
AND TOOLS FOR CLEANING GREENWARE double ended cleaning tool rubber scrubber a synthetic sponge.


*Approximately 6 hours (2 x 3hr) tuition - this is a guide only as we all work at differing rates. Time is not the important factor here - what's important is that you learn at your own pace! In other words - it takes "as long as it takes"!

*How to properly handle and clean the unfired greenware and the first steps on how to paint on it.

Your 2 pieces are designed to teach you about handling and cleaning greenware plus basic decorating techniques including painting in underglazes and glazes, and how to glaze your pieces with clear glaze to make them food safe.

ALL this for just $90 ALL inclusive -
And absolutely nothing else to pay - all firing and materials included also!

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