Hobby Ceramics at Ab. Fab. is about -

Hobby Ceramics:
Involves the cleaning, decorating and firing of pre cast earthenware items which are fired, by the studio, in one of our 2 kilns to temperatures between 1000 and 1100 degrees Celsius.
Because these items have been pre cast for you, they are quick and easy to work with!!
They also come in an enormous range of shapes and sizes from egg cups and dinner sets to large bowls, platters and urns which allow you to make individually designed, useful items to match your home's decor at a fraction of the cost of similar quality shop bought items.
SARAHS SANTAFRONT Whilst most of our students prefer to make food safe utility items which serve the dual purpose of being useful as well as decorative,

many can't resist the fun of making cute, ornamental pieces including teddy bears, dogs, cats, garden pieces, chess sets or Christmas decorations.

THE PROCESS IS SUMMARISED IN PICTURES BELOW . . . BUT DON'T WORRY . . . you don't have to do steps 1 to 3 - we leave that to the "greenware pouring" experts!

These pieces are also known as
SLIPCAST EARTHENWARE CERAMICS and because they’re made from fine Australian Earthenware clay in quality moulds, any purchaser (whether retailers or personal users) can be guaranteed of a consistent size for multiple pieces ordered as sets and can be proud of the fact that they are made by hand and are wholly

Australian Made!

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