What is the "Ab. Fab. Ceramics" advantage?

for Personal Users and/or for Retailers

Whether you are
a homeware or gift retailer;
interior decorator;
wedding planner...

or just about any supplier of good quality specialty items...
... including restauranteurs architects builders and even specialty pet stores

We can offer YOU and your business

A "can do" Attitude - be guaranteed of 100% effort on my part - because, obviously, if your business isn't growing then neither is mine!
Top quality ceramic art pieces designed and hand painted by the multi award winning ceramist Gail Steele

Individually designed and personalised to suit the exact requirements of your client
Very reasonably priced for "bespoke" commissions
Commissions unlimited - I have yet to receive a commission I could not fill to my client's complete satisfaction and pleasure - most often, I exceed their expectations!

“So What?”, you ask, "How does this help me??" By removing your stress and taking all the hassle out of you having to find

"just what the client has been looking everywhere for!"

HOW ?. . . when people ask. . .
THE QUESTION? - "Where d'ya get it?"
most people have a mental picture of exactly the type of piece they need to "go in a special place" or to give as a gift for that important someone or occasion!
:"right here!" will be your reply when you add Ab. Fab. Ceramics to your stock.

And everyone will be thrilled with...

. . . OUR QUALITY - not only of the artwork produced by Australian ceramist Gail Steele.... but also of the workmanship - with careful attention to detail at every stage of its creation. Every step of a piece's production is carefully hand done by brush to ensure quality control and achieve the best, most consistent finish to all my pieces

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