Our "working together " Creative Process
I really enjoy working closely with my customers to design and make exactly the piece they’ve been wanting and looking for, and being able to answer your questions…

  • “I’ve always wanted ……, but where could I get it?”
  • “… by me saying...
  • “I should be able to do it for you!”
  • I get such a thrill hearing you say...
  • “I'm so happy - it’s exactly what I was looking for”

Follow the creation of this unique memory for a Kindergarten class teacher…

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This piece is an example of my email chat process and how working closely with my client resulted in a piece that far exceeded her original brief and expectations.
As an end of retirement present, the mother came to me wanting a platter listing all the names in her child’s kindergarten class.
But as we chatted further we decided we could make it much more personal than she’d originally thought.
When I saw a class photo, we decided we could do a cartoon representation of each child, each showing some personal features of each child (hair style/colour, glasses, etc).
The result, I’m sure you’ll agree, was a so much more personal gift.